Worship Streaming Hints

Worship begins at 9:30am. We will start the stream at 9:25am and the chat will be live. Please say hi in the chat. Comments are always welcome. The link for worship is https://stjohnschehalis.online.church/

Here are some helpful tips and instructions for worship:

1) To facilitate connections between worship attendees we have several tools.     
a) During the worship service you can use the chat to publicly interact. Some examples are to say hi when you log on, share peace with others, share first names of people to pray for during the prayers of the church.     
b) You can also tap the Request Prayer button to go to a private chat with one of our hosts. You can use this feature to request people to be put on the prayer list, to contact a host about a problem with the stream, or to make a personal prayer request.  
    A reminder from the chat hosts: If you click request prayer a request is sent for a host to respond. A host will respond as quickly as possible. It may take a minute or two for them to respond. Please do not click request prayer multiple times, it just makes multiple requests. Also, the host will respond in a private chat. Then you will be able to type your prayer request or your technical question/comment.
c) At the end of worship a Zoom meeting is created and the link posted in the public chat. This is similar to a post service fellowship/coffee hour. A topic is always suggested in the bulletin but this is only a suggestion if you need something to talk about. 
2) There have been reports of buffering from people with poor/limited internet bandwidth. We have changed settings on the stream to help alleviate this issue. When you log on the stream it should choose the best stream for the least buffering based on your internet bandwidth and your computer. If you are still having problems, try the following: 
a) click the gear in the lower right corner of the video (looks sort of like an asterisk). Three options should pop up Auto, 720p, and 216p. It will be on Auto automatically. If you are still experiencing buffering, click 216p and it will force the stream to that setting. 
b) If you still experience excessive buffering, turn off all other internet connected devices in your home. Don’t forget about wifi connected smartphones. 
3) We have the option for people to read scripture from home live. If you are scheduled to lector and would like to read from home email stream@stjohnschehalis.net and we will set you up with the link you need to do it. We will give you some pointers when you contact us and we set you up. It is similar to Zoom so you will need a webcam and microphone to make this work.If you can handle Zoom, this is even easier.
4) We are looking for people to be hosts for worship. Hosts receive a special login that gives access to the host chat and you may receive requests for private chats. This can be done from anywhere you can connect to the internet and the worship stream. For more information on becoming a host email stream@stjohnschehalis.net