What Netflix Can Teach Us About Church

nonprofit-storytelling-featured-imageThis blog post by Carey Nieuwhof is nearly a year old but it speaks well to what we are facing as The Church.  Carey shares five shifts in culture embodied in Netflix.  One of the great take-aways for me

Clearly people are looking for a better story. Church leaders need to bring it to them.

I love watching the Netflix original shows because they have great story lines, push the envelope, and are rich and full of life.  Carey calls them the movies of today.  It’s not the bland, one size fits all of TV programming of the 20th century.  It is full, rich story-telling–on demand.

We need to tell the Greatest Story Ever….well.  The entire Gospel in all it’s richness and interesting twists.  No Netflix or TV show can touch the drama and impact of Jesus Christ.  Tell….The…..Story.

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