The Day the Bodybuilders met the Baptists


St John’s is a Lutheran flavored congregation so why in the world am I blogging about bodybuilders and baptists?


Do we reflect the very best of the gospel of Jesus, or are we slipping into the lure of institutionalism and isolationism? Do we actually know our neighbors? Do we love our city as Jesus loved Jerusalem? Do we honestly care about the needs and lives of those outside the church? How do we welcome the stranger, and those very different than us? Are we aware of how unapproachable or otherworldly we appear to others? Do we recognize that, unless we convince them otherwise, our culture identifies us with the grotesque aberrations of Christianity that the media panders to? How have we allowed the political culture, rather than the gospel, to shape us?

These are great questions! We are called to constantly monitor how we are representing Christ to each other and to the world.

Pastor Matt

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