Working on my sermon for All Saints Sunday and putting it off like a good pastor so I thought I would share something on my blog.

All Saints preaching makes me think about all the pastors who have preached the Gospel at St John’s over the last 117 years makes me feel a bit small. 117 years of preaching about what it means to add our voices to the voices of the Communion of Saints–not just from our own congregation–but also from Christians throughout the centuries.

We can’t do this without each other. In order for us to grow, we need others to teach us and sometimes challenge us. We need others to hold our hand when the going gets tough. We need others to pray when the words won’t come from our own mouths. We need the witness of the living saints to testify to the faith handed down to us by the dead saints.

This weekend in worship, we will name the names of those who died this past year at St John’s. This year has been a tough one for the congregation in terms of the saints lost to death. People who were an important part of the inner workings of the congregation and our larger community are no longer with us. We rightly mourn the loss to our church and our community.

We will also name the names of those who were baptized this past year. The history for these new saints is yet to be written. We wait with eager participation to see how God will use them through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. When these new saints are remembered for their contribution to the Body of Christ, what will be said about them?

And you–how are you living out God’s call in your life to be a part of this great cloud of witnesses? Did you know that you are an important part of God’s work in the world? We are all saints, reconciled to God through Jesus Christ and empowered to be Jesus’ disciples in the world created by God.

Pastor Matt