St. John’s Lutheran Church

10608358_750354015038303_8429926951156936868_o.jpgSt. John’s Lutheran Church is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). One can learn much about this nation-wide church and its ministries by perusing its website.

The statement of faith to which we adhere is found here. The ELCA is divided into geographical units called synods. We are part of the Southwestern Washington Synod. Links to all of these sites, plus many others, can be found on our “links” page.

We exist for one main purpose: to honor and praise the Lord Jesus Christ and work to make the reign of God a reality on earth. Our life together is formed around the question that asks how we can best minister to one another and the world in ways that truly glorify God and propagate the gospel message. The motivating factor for all that we do is the saving grace of God in Christ, which is why Word and Sacrament form such a central part of our life as a church.

Believing that faith must be cultivated toward maturity, worship is the hub from which radiates the various other activities: Christian education, service, outreach, and fellowship activities. We offer a variety of worship experiences which use historic creeds and contemporary affirmations of faith, time-tested hymns and newer songs of praise, ancient liturgies and modern orders of worship. The goal is always the upbuilding of the people of God in ways that equip us for faithful discipleship.

Participation in the mission of world Lutheranism and the church universal, and a concern for responsible involvement in peace and justice issues are additional foundation stones upon which our life in Christ is based. The ELCA is a member of The Lutheran World Federation (LWF), the organization that coordinates the cooperative efforts of 95% of the Lutheran churches around the world.

Our church, for which the building is but a symbol and a gathering place, is first and foremost people. Our fellowship together is what constitutes the Body of Christ, and the impact we have as followers of Jesus depends on the degree to which we take advantage of the opportunities for Christian growth that are provided. The doors of St. John’s are open to anyone. The shape, direction, and extent of our ministry is determined by those who willingly participate in the mission and ministry of this congregation.


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